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UK Manufacturing at Sheffield based Eldon Tool & Engineering

1 Jun 2023

The Tool Connection, as one of the major distributors of automotive tools in the UK, made a major investment in 2008 by acquiring the business of Eldon Tool & Engineering Limited, based in Sheffield. The company now has the facility to design, test and manufacture specialist tools in the UK, and since then this side of the business has grown with importance.

As motor vehicles become more complex, so do their service and repair requirements; thus, the tools required to carry out these functions safely and efficiently have to be carefully developed. Having our own in-house team of engineers and a modern, clean engineering facility gives the company a strong advantage. We also have the capability in being able to bring to the market, quickly and efficiently, the necessary tools required to work on newly-released modern vehicles. The company’s skill and experience in research and development on new vehicles, engineering design, prototyping and extensive testing combined with modern manufacturing methods in a wide variety of materials, allow new products to be brought to market swiftly once the need has been identified.

Our new product ideas come from a wide variety of sources: telephone requests from customers, garage visits by our tech team, OE customers, independent workshops and from sales ideas. These go through our new-product design and development process, which ultimately brings a regular flow of new UK-manufactured tools to market.

Many of the tools designed by our team in the historic ‘steel city’ of Sheffield have to perform specific tasks, where procedures by vehicle manufacturers must be followed. We work closely with data providers to ensure we have access to the latest technical information and procedures, to ensure that the tools we produce are of perfect fit and function to perform the task effectively. We aim to improve upon existing designs in order to make tasks safer, simpler and easier to perform. The Tool Connection alternative will be rigorously scrutinised and developed to fit more than one model, offering the customer increased value and capability. This sort of clever design has, on a number of occasions, led OE customers to approach us in recognition of our tools doing the job better than their own.

As vehicle technology moves forward, so does the work of our in-house engineering team. While tools for working on vehicles with internal-combustion engines is still the primary role of our manufacturing team, for a number of years now we have been working in conjunction with OE clients to develop specialist solutions for modern electric vehicles. Working with the OEMs gives us an insight into what the independent workshops may require in the future, and we are always looking at ways to convert such OE projects into aftermarket solutions!

Eldon Tool & Engineering is now an integral part of The Tool Connection and is at the forefront of our collaborative approach to support our customers in the way we develop and bring to market the specialist tool solutions for now and the future.