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Laser Tools: Hybrid & EV Product Range

12 May 2023

At the forthcoming Automechanika Birmingham at the NEC, The Tool Connection will be focusing on products related to plug-in vehicles – both Hybrid (PHEV) and Electric Vehicle (BEV).

In recent years The Tool Connection has invested heavily, in order to create the most comprehensive range of tools, test instruments, safety equipment, and PPE available in the UK. This allows technicians of all levels of ability to be able to safely work on these vehicles. Within the automotive industry, we have all been used to working on vehicles with 12V electrical systems, but now we are faced with anywhere from 300V up to 800V (DC) – and anything above 60V is considered high-risk.

At this year’s Automechanika we will display our renowned Renault Zoe project car – a stripped down version of the model, which allows visitors to clearly see all the relevant high-voltage elements of the vehicle. Along with this, we will be demonstrating to visitors how they can create a safe working environment around the vehicle, and safely identify and mitigate the risk areas. We will also be showing how to prepare the technician with relevant PPE for working on high-voltage systems, and then offer advice on the various tools and test instruments they may require depending on the work to be undertaken.

Safety in the workshop is paramount – you will have technicians, employees, visitors, and possibly even members of the public (car owners) coming in and out of your workshop, and the presence of high-voltage vehicles is a potential risk. The Tool Connection can provide you with a wide variety of signage, safety barriers, stickers, and lock-out devices in order to separate and identify the EV working area. This to ensure no-one accidentally comes into contact with a high-voltage risk situation.

Once the working area and the vehicle are safe, we need to ensure the technician who is about to work on the vehicle is also safe. Once again, The Tool Connection can provide all of the relevant PPE to satisfy all requirements. Of course, in an ideal world we would hope nothing ever goes wrong, but in the real world we cannot afford to take chances, so appropriate PPE is paramount!

Once the technician is ready to work on the vehicle, again they cannot take risks – all tools have to be suitable for working on high-voltage systems (up to 1000V AC, or 1500V DC), and all test devices need to be CATIII or CAT IV standard to ensure they can safely resist accidental voltage surges. The Tool Connection has a comprehensive range, again covering all requirements and eventualities.

And finally, before sending the vehicle back to its happy owner, the high-voltage battery may just need checking and/or topping up with electricity. Which again, The Tool Connection can provide specially-designed tools and equipment for battery removal, battery testing, battery charging and offers solutions for all of these requirements.

All of the above (and more!) will be available to see at Automechanika UK.