Enter the National Paint Championships

The task of the Challenge Participants must enter a design inspired by this year’s slogan “Mobility Royale”.
Think all things royalty, it can be nature, or anything you consider to be the elite within the

Automotive industryThis design must be on a vehicle hood and executed to the highest standards but not exceed 50 hours in total to produce.

The deadline to submit your bonnet is the 1 May, you must provide a short video, a 1 page summary document of your process, products and technique and 5 pictures of your bonnet.

We will then announce the shortlist of those who will make it to the finals at Automechanika Birmingham where the hood will then be exhibited and judged at the Automechanika Birmingham show from 6-8 June 2023. 

Complete the form below to enter the awards. There will be two categories: The National Paint Champion and the People's choice, when you enter you will automatically be included in both categories.

The judges will be awarding the following points;

-Creativity – 25 pts
-Interpretation of theme 25 pts
-Technical difficulty 40 pts
-Bonus points for airbrushing 10pts